Tucson Arizona Temple Wedding / / Lindsey & Ryan

I have been so excited to share this beautiful wedding at the Tucson Arizona Temple! The morning of Lindsey & Ryan's wedding, I met Lindsey at her hotel room where she was getting ready. Her cute sister and cousin were busy doing her hair and makeup. Everyone was all smiles as the big day had finally arrived!

As Lindsey finished getting ready, I was able to take some photos of all the beautiful details she had thoughtfully incorporated for the wedding. One of my favorite pieces was an heirloom bracelet that belonged to her grandmother.

When I arrived to the Tucson Temple, a crowd of friends and family was gathered outside by the fountains. Everyone anxiously waited for the new couple to exit. As the doors to the temple opened, Lindsey and Ryan were beaming with joy! Their happiness was infectious! Cheers for the couple errupted and everyone welcomed the bride and groom with warm hugs. After family and wedding party portraits, I was able to capture some beautiful images of the newlyweds!

The slight windy breeze that day added to the light and romantic feeling that day! I loved how sweetly these two looked at each other the entire day! I loved catching them stealing kisses and whispering I love you to each other. Not too long into pictures Lindsey ditched her high heels and both she and Ryan swithced into their coordinating converses. I just LOVED that these two traded their dress shoes for something more comfortable! Lindsey's gold converse were AMAZING by the way!

After the Temple, we all headed to the reception venue. It was so beautifully and lovingly decorated by friends and family! My favorite part though was the “Sveddy Soda Bar”! It was darling! There was a menu of combination suggestions so that guests could create the perfect soda!

Their first dance together was so touching, and I was in tears during the father/daughter and mother/son dances! There is so much love and support surrounding this couple! It was truly touching to witness! After a playful cake cutting, and more dancing, these two exited under a canopy of sparklers! Lindsey and Ryan are truly a wonderful couple and I feel so honored that they invited me to capture their special day! Congratulations you two!

Tucson Arizona Temple - Lindsey and Ryan - Melissa Fritzsche Photography_0001.jpg
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Surprise Visit in the Desert / / Oro Valley, AZ

Okay guys, this was such a sweet session! These cute girls had a special dance at their school and were all dolled up… matching dresses, necklaces, even makeup. Their thoughtful mother had reached out to me earlier in the week, letting me know that their Dad was going to be flying in to take his girls to their dance, but the girls had no idea he was coming! I couldn’t wait to capture the excitement during this daddy-daughter session.

The day of the session Caleb met me before the girls arrived. We set him up behind a large rock and then I went up to the parking lot to meet the girls. As they happily made their way through the desert to where Caleb was waiting, they chatted with me about school and how excited they were about the dance. Once we got to our shooting location, I had the girls get together for some photos of just the two of them. As I was having them smile at my camera, Caleb stepped out from behind the rock. It was such a treat to see them make that shift from smiling at me, to confusion, to sheer joy as they raced into their daddy’s arms! It was so heart warming to see these girls hug and love on their Dad!

After jumping into Dad’s arms, dancing, and lots of hugs, I was able to bring baby sister into the mix. It was so sweet as these three held hands, giggled, and played together. It was such a great time! Thank you for letting me be a part of it all!

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Isabella & Michael/ / Desert Engagement Session

Hey guys! I am so excited to share this darling couple’s engagement session. I feel so blessed that I get to work with such amazing couples like Isabella and Michael! These two just got engaged in December at Picacho Peak. Michael completely surprised Isabella when he took a detour from their trip up to Phoenix and stopped off to brush up on their civil war history at this state park. Finding it a bit strange, Isabella went along for the ride. Once at Picacho Peak Michael proposed to Isabella and the couple was quickly embraced by family and friends who had been hiding and waiting to congratulate the newly engaged couple after she said yes!

At their engagement session, these two were naturals! Isabella mentioned Michael was a bit nervous, but I couldn’t tell one bit! I just loved photographing these two! Both Michael and Isabella are so warm and it was a joy talking with them about their upcoming wedding and their future plans. It is such an exciting time in their lives and these two are enjoying every minute of it! I can’t wait to spend more time with these two in June on their wedding day. It is going to be incredible! Congratulations Isabella and Michael!

Isabella & Michael-8.jpg
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Mary Ann and Carlos / / Our Lady's Chapel Wedding & La Mariposa Reception

I have been so excited to share Mary Ann and Carlos’s wedding! I first met Mary Ann as a new nurse. We worked together on the same unit, and I always looked forward to working the night shift together. She is such a warm and genuine person, and has the best laugh too! When she reached out to me telling me she was getting married, I was SO happy for her! She met Carlos through their choir at church, Carlos is the choir director, and these two are such a perfect pair! Their wedding ceremony was held at the gorgeous Our Lady’s Chapel on the St. Augustine Cathedral campus in Tucson, Arizona. It was honestly so beautiful inside. I was in awe throughout the entire ceremony as I soaked in all the beautiful details inside this chapel. As I mentioned before, Mary Ann and Carlos met through choir, and several times throughout the ceremony, their choir sang. The first time I heard their voices I thought it was a recording! Their voices were so pure, and I can confidently say it was one of the best choirs I have ever heard! After the ceremony guests made their way over to La Mariposa for the reception. Keeping with their playful personalities, these two shared their first dance, immediately followed by friends joining them on the dance floor for the chicken dance. It was so cute, especially since ducks are a special part of their relationship. The toasts were so touching, especially when Mary Ann’s sister shared a surprise video where friends and family in the Philippines sent their love and well wishes for the new couple. It was a joyful night surrounded by their closest family and friends! I am so excited for my sweet friend and her new husband! Congratulations Mary Ann and Carlos!!

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Skylar & Khalid / / Private Estate Wedding / /Tucson, Arizona

When I first met with Skylar and Khalid, I was drawn to their warm smiles and easy-going personalities. I was thrilled to be invited to capture their wedding and I couldn’t wait for their big day to arrive! Their wedding was held at a gorgeous private estate tucked back in the Tucson desert. The ceremony was held in the front atrium of the home and was officiated by Skylar’s mother. It was so heart-warming seeing Skylar’s Mom beaming as she was escorted down the aisle by her Father. At the end of the ceremony, Khalid gently kissed his Mother’s hand, keeping with tradition. Skylar chose a stunning bouquet and floral crown to wear on her wedding day designed by the talented Bloom Maven floral studio here in Tucson. Accents of succulents carried from her bouquet to the ceremony decor. Skylar and Khalid chose to share a first look before their ceremony, and boy am I glad they did! Khalid’s reaction to seeing Skylar for the first time was epic! As these two shared a quiet moment together, friends and family couldn’t help but peek from the windows! After the ceremony we were able to capture some gorgeous portraits. One of my favorites was when Sparky, their adorable pup, came in for a full family photo! It was such a joy capturing the love these two share for each other! They both have the most infectious smiles that just make you smile too! As the reception started, these two shared their first dance as husband and wife. A special moment of the night was when Skylar’s sorority sisters surrounded her and sang the sweetest song, wishing her joy, love, and happiness! The rest of the night was filled with good food, dancing, and conversation. Congratulations Skylar and Khalid! I am so honored to have captured the celebration of your love!

Skylar & Khalid Blog-1.jpg
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