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Tucson Arizona Temple Wedding and Highlands at Dove Mountain Reception / / Madalyn and Steve

Madalyn and Steve’s wedding was nothing short of timeless elegance. Their wedding ceremony was held at the Tucson Arizona Temple, where the majesty of this building never ceases to amaze me. The blue dome and white exterior pop beautifully against the desert landscape. Family and friends welcomed the newlyweds as they exited the temple with excited cheers and hugs. With the hot summer temperatures, Madalyn and Steve chose to have their reception at the Highlands at Dove Mountain. This is one of my favorite venues in Tucson! The picturesque views of the city are absolutely breathtaking! Blush pinks, calming whites, soft greens, and touches of gold comprised the color palette Madalyn chose for her wedding. These colors coupled with luxurious draping and sparkling chandeliers adorning the ballroom, let the beauty of the venue shine!

I have known Madalyn’s family for several years, and it was such an honor to capture her and Steve’s big day! I had so many favorite moments, but I will share two. One was when I was watching Madalyn’s Dad carry her gorgeous train around so that it wouldn’t get dirty as we moved from location to location for photos. My heart melted as I watched this dedicated father caring for and serving his little girl as he had for so many years, knowing that his role as the “man in her life” was changing. I couldn’t help but get a little emotional thinking of my own boys and how much joy there must be for a parent on a wedding day, but also a little heartache knowing that child that you have nurtured and loved, is beginning their own family and you aren’t going to be a part of every moment like you had been. It was such a humbling moment for me. I also loved Steve dancing with his Mom! He surprised us all as he lifted her up and glided with her around the dance floor. It was such a fun moment to watch. Immediately after their dance, Madalyn, Steve, and his Mom huddled together sharing a heartwarming embrace. Watching these two women who will always love Steve the most, drawn together was so sweet to witness. The entire day, I was so overwhelmed by all the love that surrounds Madalyn and Steve!

I am so thrilled for these two! They are this incredible power couple that are going to do amazing things! During couples portraits I was able to see the playful side of their relationship. I was dying as Maddie sang all the lyrics to “Baby got Back”!  We all had a good laugh as she impressed us all with her musical talents! The chemistry that these two share is perfection! Between the laughs, adoring looks, and sweet kisses, I was in wedding photographer heaven! I could have photographed them all day!

After portraits, the rest of the evening was filled with dancing, laughter, and delicious food! Claudette and her team pulled out all the stops creating a decadent buffet line. Smoked salmon, shrimp cocktail served in ice blocks, chicken skewers paired with sweet sauces, along with a gorgeous charcuterie board filled with seasonal meats, cheeses, nuts, and fruit were a crowd-pleasing success! The evening wouldn’t be complete without some sugary goodness to satisfy Madalyn’s sweet tooth :) Family favorite cookies, See’s chocolates, creme brulee ( my favorite- yes, it was delicious!), popcorn, pots de creme, and many other treats were the perfect ending to a day full of sweet moments!

Thank you so much Madalyn and Steve for inviting me to capture your special day! I absolutely adored spending time with you both and I am looking forward to seeing where your journey together takes you!

XOXO Melissa


Reception Venue: Highlands at Dove Mountain

Wedding Coordinator: Claudette Halpern

Invitations: Katie Steck

DJ: Carl Thurber

Hair: Megan Asay

Flowers: Highlands at Dove Mountain

Cake: Village Bakehouse

Tucson Engagement Session / / Kelsey and Ryan

Kelsey and Ryan are such an adorable couple! These two were friends for a long time before they decided to start dating. Once they did all their family and friends were like, “Finally! :)” It is easy to see how everyone around them knew these two belonged together! They have such an amazing chemistry and energy surrounding their relationship. I loved how they would share knowing looks and sweet kisses throughout their engagement session. One of my favorite conversations we had was when they were telling their proposal story. They both had me smiling and laughing as they told of their engagement up on Mount Lemmon. They will be getting married this fall in Salt Lake City. I know it will be an absolutely beautiful wedding! It was such a joy getting to spend a few hours with these two. I wish them a lifetime of happiness together!

Kelsey & Ryan-84.jpg
Tucson Engagement Session- KelseyandRyan_0001.jpg
Tucson Engagement Session- KelseyandRyan_0007.jpg
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Tucson Engagement Session- KelseyandRyan_0002.jpg
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Tucson Engagement Session- KelseyandRyan_0010.jpg
Tucson Engagement Session / / Trasea and Luke

Trasea and Luke are so blissfully in love! These two met years ago. Their love story is truly one of fairy tales. They both attended the same high school, but not wanting to get too serious, they dated here and there. After graduation, they both served missions.- Luke in Honduras and Trasea in the Philippines. Although worlds apart for a few years, upon returning home, these two picked up what they started years before and quickly knew that they wanted to get married! Trasea and Luke chose one of my favorite locations for their engagement session. This park is a little oasis in the desert affording some “green” and shade during the hot Tucson summers. I had the best time with these two! They both have the most infectious laughs and smiles! Just as most photo sessions go, there were some nerves at first- I mean, taking photos is awkward sometimes :) However, the two of them quickly warmed up and within minutes it was as if I wasn’t even there. That is when sessions are just magical, when the rest of the world melts away and it is just about the two of them. This is my happy place, when I get to capture the pure joy and love that exists between a couple! I mean, just look at the way these two look at each other- it just melts my heart! There were so many favorites from their engagement session. I hope you enjoy seeing a few of them :)

Tucson Engagement Session- Trasea & Luke_0007.jpg
Tucson Engagement Session- Trasea & Luke_0008.jpg
Tucson Engagement Session- Trasea & Luke_0009.jpg
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Tucson Engagement Session- Trasea & Luke_0003.jpg
Tucson Engagement Session- Trasea & Luke_0004.jpg
Tucson Engagement Session- Trasea & Luke_0005.jpg
Tucson Engagement Session- Trasea & Luke_0006.jpg
Gates Pass Engagement Session / / MADI AND RILEY

Madi and Riley rocked their engagement session! We met up at Gates Pass, one of my favorite places in Tucson! Everywhere you look there are stunning vistas and the saguaros that are sprinkled across the mountain side are breathtaking! It was prom weekend, so we had quite a crowd that night, but once these two were side by side, they were in their own world! They have the most amazing connection and are so sweet together! These two are finishing up their studies, Madi with graphic design and Riley is going to be a brilliant tech genius :) We were joined by Madi’s Mom Jenni and her sister Jessi as well as Riley’s Mom Kelly at their session. It was the neatest experience to see all the love and support that surrounds this darling couple! I loved when Kelly was talking about the whole family dynamic and simply stated, “We love our kids, and we love each other too, so it works out!”. Isn’t that awesome?! I can’t wait for their wedding early next year! Congratulations Madi and Riley!

Gates Pass Engagement Session- Madi and Riley_0001.jpg
Gates Pass Engagement Session- Madi and Riley_0005.jpg
Gates Pass Engagement Session- Madi and Riley_0003.jpg
Gates Pass Engagement Session- Madi and Riley_0008.jpg
Gates Pass Engagement Session- Madi and Riley_0007.jpg
Gates Pass Engagement Session- Madi and Riley_0010.jpg
Gates Pass Engagement Session- Madi and Riley_0009.jpg
Gates Pass Engagement Session- Madi and Riley_0004.jpg
Gates Pass Engagement Session- Madi and Riley_0011.jpg
Gates Pass Engagement Session- Madi and Riley_0006.jpg
Gates Pass Engagement Session- Madi and Riley_0002.jpg
Gates Pass Engagement Session- Madi and Riley_0012.jpg
Tucson Senior Session / / Emily

I had the BEST time during Emily’s senior portrait session! She chose to shoot at one of my favorite desert locations in Tucson. I was so excited to capture this exciting time in her life! Emily has been one of our favorite babysitters over the years and our family just adores her! She is so fun, sweet, and bubbly. She truly is a beauty inside and out! We had a great time talking about her fun Disney trip planned with the Ironwood Ridge High School choir and her future plans to attend Eastern Arizona University in the fall! I just know this girl has a bright future ahead of her and I can’t wait to see how she continues to grow! Congratulations Emily!!

Emily Senior Session (16).jpg
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