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The warm Arizona sun was beginning to set as I pulled into Christopher Columbus Park. This little  oasis in the desert was bustling with activity as families were clustered around the lake fishing and enjoying the weekend. As I walked toward the Bostwick family, I jumped for joy when I saw how absolutely darling they all were! Not only were they the cutest family, but they were all in perfectly coordinated blue outfits! 

We began our session away from the crowds, in a small (this is the desert afterall) patch of green trees and tall grasses which perfectly framed the lake glistening behind us. The sun was golden and the light was gorgeous! We did a few posed frames and then allowed the kids to play for a bit as we made our way to the lake. During family sessions, I love to incorporate time for families, especially for the littles, to just play, interact, and connect. I feel like this is when I am best able to capture those candid moments, the sweet snuggles, tickle fights, and precious moments that really tell a family's story. One of my favorite moments from this session was when we helped put sister on her older brother's shoulders. He had requested we do this shot and was so eager to carry her on his own. I thought to myself, what a sweet boy! You could tell how much he cared for his little sister, and my heart melted!

Bostwick family, I loved meeting you all! I had so much fun on our little adventure and sharing all the tic- tacs. :) Thank you for braving the heat with me. I look forward to documenting more memories for you all! 

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