Skylar & Khalid / / Private Estate Wedding / /Tucson, Arizona

When I first met with Skylar and Khalid, I was drawn to their warm smiles and easy-going personalities. I was thrilled to be invited to capture their wedding and I couldn’t wait for their big day to arrive! Their wedding was held at a gorgeous private estate tucked back in the Tucson desert. The ceremony was held in the front atrium of the home and was officiated by Skylar’s mother. It was so heart-warming seeing Skylar’s Mom beaming as she was escorted down the aisle by her Father. At the end of the ceremony, Khalid gently kissed his Mother’s hand, keeping with tradition. Skylar chose a stunning bouquet and floral crown to wear on her wedding day designed by the talented Bloom Maven floral studio here in Tucson. Accents of succulents carried from her bouquet to the ceremony decor. Skylar and Khalid chose to share a first look before their ceremony, and boy am I glad they did! Khalid’s reaction to seeing Skylar for the first time was epic! As these two shared a quiet moment together, friends and family couldn’t help but peek from the windows! After the ceremony we were able to capture some gorgeous portraits. One of my favorites was when Sparky, their adorable pup, came in for a full family photo! It was such a joy capturing the love these two share for each other! They both have the most infectious smiles that just make you smile too! As the reception started, these two shared their first dance as husband and wife. A special moment of the night was when Skylar’s sorority sisters surrounded her and sang the sweetest song, wishing her joy, love, and happiness! The rest of the night was filled with good food, dancing, and conversation. Congratulations Skylar and Khalid! I am so honored to have captured the celebration of your love!

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