Surprise Visit in the Desert / / Oro Valley, AZ

Okay guys, this was such a sweet session! These cute girls had a special dance at their school and were all dolled up… matching dresses, necklaces, even makeup. Their thoughtful mother had reached out to me earlier in the week, letting me know that their Dad was going to be flying in to take his girls to their dance, but the girls had no idea he was coming! I couldn’t wait to capture the excitement during this daddy-daughter session.

The day of the session Caleb met me before the girls arrived. We set him up behind a large rock and then I went up to the parking lot to meet the girls. As they happily made their way through the desert to where Caleb was waiting, they chatted with me about school and how excited they were about the dance. Once we got to our shooting location, I had the girls get together for some photos of just the two of them. As I was having them smile at my camera, Caleb stepped out from behind the rock. It was such a treat to see them make that shift from smiling at me, to confusion, to sheer joy as they raced into their daddy’s arms! It was so heart warming to see these girls hug and love on their Dad!

After jumping into Dad’s arms, dancing, and lots of hugs, I was able to bring baby sister into the mix. It was so sweet as these three held hands, giggled, and played together. It was such a great time! Thank you for letting me be a part of it all!

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