Gilbert Arizona Temple Wedding / / Sophie and Tanner
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Gilbert Arizona Temple Wedding

When Sophie asked me to be her wedding photographer I was thrilled. I love the Gilbert Arizona Temple. It is so beautiful with all of its architectural details. My excitement grew exponentially when my mother made the connection that I had in fact known Sophie’s family as a child when both our families lived in Maryland! It truly is a small world! It was such a fun connection to make!

The inspiration for Sophie and Tanner’s wedding came from the desert that surrounds them. The theme of succulents and cacti were perfectly incorporated throughout the day. Sophie’s bouquet created by the talented AZflorations featured several echiveria. Sophie and Tanner chose to share a first look. I so wish this was a trend when I got married. I love that they both were able to have a quiet moment where they could be alone and honor the first time that they saw each other on their wedding day. Tanner was so excited to see Sophie, and once he turned around and saw her, he wrapped her up in a warm embrace.

After their sealing ceremony, the newlyweds were welcomed and cheered on by family and friends. I never tire seeing all the people who come from places both near and far to celebrate the union of a couple. It is humbling to see all the love and support that surrounds two individuals as they pledge themselves to each other. We were able to capture some wonderful moments that highlight the love that Sophie and Tanner share for one another. They are truly made for each other, matching Vans shoes and all. :) I hope you enjoy this glimpse into their big day! Thank you Sophie and Tanner for allowing me to celebrate with you both! Congratulations!!


 Dress A Closet Full of Dresses

Florist AZ florations

Cake Piece of Cake

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Tucson Engagement Session / / Kelsey and Ryan

Kelsey and Ryan are such an adorable couple! These two were friends for a long time before they decided to start dating. Once they did all their family and friends were like, “Finally! :)” It is easy to see how everyone around them knew these two belonged together! They have such an amazing chemistry and energy surrounding their relationship. I loved how they would share knowing looks and sweet kisses throughout their engagement session. One of my favorite conversations we had was when they were telling their proposal story. They both had me smiling and laughing as they told of their engagement up on Mount Lemmon. They will be getting married this fall in Salt Lake City. I know it will be an absolutely beautiful wedding! It was such a joy getting to spend a few hours with these two. I wish them a lifetime of happiness together!

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Tucson Family Session / / Gastelum Family

I love photographing families! My session with the Gastelum family was no exception, I couldn’t wait to see them again! The last time I had seen Priscilla and Carlos was during their maternity session on Mount Lemmon. I hit it off right away with Priscilla. She was finishing up nursing school at the time, and we both bonded over that connection. When Priscilla reached out to me to set up a family session, I was ecstatic! I couldn’t wait to meet their sweet baby girl! We had a great time together during their family session. Baby Natalia was all smiles, looking adorable in her pink tutu! She couldn’t get enough of her Mama’s pink earrings and her Daddy’s snuggles. A favorite moment during our session was when Priscilla was tickling and kissing Natalia’s cute toes. At the end of the session we were able to get Natalia into her beautiful christening gown. It was special to be able to capture those memories for her parents. It is such an honor to capture families at different stages and to be able to watch them grow! Thank you Gastelum family!!

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Tucson Engagement Session / / Trasea and Luke

Trasea and Luke are so blissfully in love! These two met years ago. Their love story is truly one of fairy tales. They both attended the same high school, but not wanting to get too serious, they dated here and there. After graduation, they both served missions.- Luke in Honduras and Trasea in the Philippines. Although worlds apart for a few years, upon returning home, these two picked up what they started years before and quickly knew that they wanted to get married! Trasea and Luke chose one of my favorite locations for their engagement session. This park is a little oasis in the desert affording some “green” and shade during the hot Tucson summers. I had the best time with these two! They both have the most infectious laughs and smiles! Just as most photo sessions go, there were some nerves at first- I mean, taking photos is awkward sometimes :) However, the two of them quickly warmed up and within minutes it was as if I wasn’t even there. That is when sessions are just magical, when the rest of the world melts away and it is just about the two of them. This is my happy place, when I get to capture the pure joy and love that exists between a couple! I mean, just look at the way these two look at each other- it just melts my heart! There were so many favorites from their engagement session. I hope you enjoy seeing a few of them :)

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Tucson Engagement Session- Trasea & Luke_0009.jpg
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Tucson Engagement Session- Trasea & Luke_0010.jpg
Tucson Engagement Session- Trasea & Luke_0014.jpg
Tucson Engagement Session- Trasea & Luke_0002.jpg
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Tucson Temple Wedding and Mount Lemmon Reception / / Bella & Mikey

You know those couples that are so in love that you can’t help but feel inspired by their devotion to each other? That is how I felt when I listened to the sweet vows these two shared with each other. I was so touched when Bella listed the qualities she loves and admires in Mikey. She spoke of her parent’s example and her determination to wait for a worthy and righteous companion. Likewise, Mikey shared his tender feelings for Bella in such a way that you could feel that this truly is a special couple. For Bella and Mikey their love started when Bella heard Mikey giving a sermon at church. From there, the two began dating, and quickly realized that they were supposed to do life together as husband and wife. These two were sealed at the Tucson Arizona Temple and then an intimate ring ceremony was held at her grandparent’s Mount Lemmon estate followed by their beautiful reception. I was in awe of all the love and talent that went into creating their reception. From the romantic lights, to the exquisite floral arrangements, everywhere you looked was gorgeous! Tokens of love were seen throughout the entire day as well. The ring that Bella wore belonged to Mikey’s grandmother. Her Sophia Webster shoes were a gift from a childhood friend and the necklace she wore was a gift from her cousin, someone whom Bella sees as a role model in her life. She shared with me that her mother’s signature scent growing up was Chanel Mademoiselle, the same perfume she chose to wear on her wedding day. The earrings she wore were a gift her mother had received on her sixteenth birthday. I was humbled to see how deeply Bella and Mikey loved their families. A favorite moment of the night was watching three generations slow dancing with their eternal companions- Bella’s grandparents, parents, and Bella and Mikey. A more comical event of the evening was when the garter got stuck up in the trees during the garter toss! However, boys will be boys, and they worked together to get it down! I am so grateful I was able to capture Bella and Mikey’s wedding day. It warms my heart and feeds my soul to capture the love that surrounds a couple as they begin their lives together! Congratulations you two!!

Here are all the amazing vendors that helped create this beautiful day!

Invitations: Vistaprint

Rings: Jared

Dress: Gigi Bridal

Bridesmaids Dresses: Lulus

Florist : Yosi’s Creations

DJ: DJ Herm

Cake: Village Bakehouse